Skiing the Balkans

Fifty backcountry descents in Bulgaria

Dimitar Dimitrov


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“Bulgaria? Is there actually any skiing in Bulgaria?!?”. No wonder such questions get asked. How can a small country in the south east end of Europe, roughly 400km long by 250km wide, bordering Mediterranean neighbors such as Greece and Turkey and famous for roses, wine and sandy beaches, be a ski destination, let alone a proper backcountry and freeriding one? 

The reality is that the Balkan peninsula, located roughly between latitudes 36N and 47N, is a very mountainous region with multiple ranges rising more than 2000m above sea level. With some really well-preserved and even wild nature, and certain climate specifics in place, these mountains are suitable for good off-piste skiing for almost five months a year. And when storms line up one after another and deliver powder for days, 600-1200m steep descents turn into the norm, and you spend the evenings on your own at some remote backcountry hut with no cell coverage, you will see that Bulgaria and the Balkans are a hidden skiing gem.


"Skiing the Balkans" has 256 pages, 148 images and 41 maps. Take the practical information provided in this guidebook and come visit.




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Dimitar Dimitrov

Dimitar Dimitrov has spent major time during the last ten years in the Bulgarian backcountry. Apart from skiing, running and organizing extreme races in his home mountains, he has also done multiple self-guided skiing trips to some of the best mountains of Europe and North America.

With a true belief that a good guidebook is an important part of any skiing adventure, now he returns the favor with this exclusive guide to backcountry skiing in Bulgaria. It is actually the only backcountry skiing guidebook of the locality published to date and you are welcome to enjoy it.



Online information and feedback: Feel free to ask any questions or leave feedback about the information provided in the book at any time. It would be great to get in touch and maybe even ski together in Bulgaria.


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